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Brentwood Athletic Association


T-Ball is one of the first team sports for most children.  T-Ball has proven to be a natural transition into baseball and softball.  It provides young players the basic skills and enthusiasm for these sports.  Just show up at the scheduled games with your supplied uniform, your own glove and shoes, and be ready to play.

T-Ball is the entry sport to baseball and softball. A batting tee is used throughout the first half of the season. Coach pitch is used for the second half of the season. If after a designated number of pitches the batter does not put the ball in play the batter then has the opportunity to hit off of the tee. T-Ball is one of the first team sports for many children and a high level of adult support and enthusiasm is needed.

Practice season begins in April with games played in May and June. Teams are usually on the field two or three times a week.  Games and practices take place in Brentwood Park. There is no scorekeeping or playoffs. All participants receive an award at the end of the season.

Uniform shirts, hats or visors are provided under the registration fee. Players are to provide their own grey pants, socks, and ball glove. Balls, bats, and batting tees are provided by the association. Batting helmets are available on a very limted basis.  Personal batting helmets are recommended.